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I've been wanting a bright sweater to really pop against the gloomy weather LA's been having lately and the colors mustard yellow & highlighter orange has been poppin lately. When Romwe asked me to collab with them, I couldn't refuse this gorgeous sweater with the funnel neck and the cinched sleeves. I paired it with my level99 jeans and docs, switching out my black laces for my yellow to complete the look. I threw on a beanie in one pic to be extra FALL AF (which I left at Kyle's house...whoops! Sorry Kyle!)


Now we all know that there's no such thing as winter in Socal, but a girl can dream...with a cute sweater coat and a two piece underneath. Decided to stay all monochromatic to really highlight the texture of this coat from Shein. I've been seeing large lapels on coats everywhere and knew I had to snag one of my own. A subtle statement piece that is not just cozy but also a piece that pulls an outfit together. Normally I don't like soft coats because I like to be a little edgier in my wear, but because of these lapels, it adds some structure and dimension to the coat! Love love love <3


While shooting at Kyle's house (a good friend of mine), I was rumaging through his uncle's closet and saw this gorgeous kimono which I instantly fell in love with. I've been wanting a kimono coat for the longest time and this one was whispering my name. I mean of course at that moment I wanted to grab it and run, but I restrained myself and only took a couple photos of it as a memento. I will most definitely keep a lookout for one though!

Special thanks: photos by @brittiepoo & location: @kpham12992!